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Spinglo is the world's leading bonus plan to all social media,
which captures all existing international networks.
Spinglo leverages of all your friends in your social networks.
And their friends, and their friends. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Flickr or even all of them,
you're in the in a position to create a great business. Spinglo dovetails into all of those social network solutions,
and will boost your internet presence.
Spinglo's unique platform offers powerful tools and user generated content to help and boost members and manage
their private, social and business lives on internet.

Membership to Spinglo is by invitation only,
which is part of what makes this network unique,
and the connections, authentic. 

Spinglo members who meet certain criteria have the privilege of inviting a limited number of their friends to the network
and after acceptance, even more friends.
If you know someone with this privilege, you can ask them to invite you. 

If not, please be patient and continue to ask around in your own personal and professional circles for an invitation.
Membership in Spinglo is by invitation only, make sure your friends join as well! Both you and your friends will benefit from it!

Bring Friends  - You win
Your friends bring friends - Your friends win, 

and you win again!


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 Created the World's FIRST Private Gold Monetary Exchange System which is NOT attached to any "Paper Currency"
Buy 999.9 gold from the first and only company that is completely vertical in the precious metals industry.

Private Global Currency Exchange System
Fiat paper currency (paper money) can be exchanged for
999.9 hologram (AKA: kinebar) quality bullion (Gold Money).
No fees, commissions, premiums or other traditional costs associated with acquiring bullion.

Experts are advising their clients to have at least 5%-40% of their assets in Gold & Silver.
Here is the absolute best way available to take their advice.


Some things to consider when exchanging cash for gold? 

1)  Gold cannot "go bankrupt".  Gold will never lose its value against the value of goods and services.
Currency gold bars are a great way to protect capital as all world currencies 
"go down the drain" and lose their value.  

2)  Small weights are the most flexible to use.   
It's fast and easy to exchange currency for KB Kinebar Gold with
as little as 50 Euro at a time.  
Currency gold bars in small units can easily be exchanged back to cash and onto your
debit card or for goods and services, although it would be impossible to do so with bigger units
Rather than be exchanged for cash at the buy price, KB Kinebar Gold can be exchanged for goods and services at sell prices.

3)  KB VISION one gram weights are the lowest priced and easiest to buy and use.  
KB VISION is one of only a
select few companies worldwide that are licensed to use one of the best certificates for its gold ingots.  
The ingots are
sealed in a blister, and come embedded in a credit card size card.  
The gold shows a Kinebar patented hologram, similar
to an Optically Variable Device (OVD) on its reverse side making counterfeiting of these gold bars impossible and provides
an easy way for merchants to verify they are in fact 999.9 Pure Gold.  

4)  As an Affiliate you can introduce others to earn a great income.  
KB VISION distributes their gold through a unique
affiliate model.  The only way you can open an account is if referred by a KB Vision Affiliate.  
By referring just two others
your gold can literally be free and you could earn a substantial income as well.  
Because KB VISION is a fully integrated
company owning the mine, mint and distribution, gold prices are lower than any other Kinebar gold source. 

"This is not just about converting cash to gold to protect against inflation and realize a profit,
but is MORE about owning KB's one gram GOLD that can also be used as a form of exchange."

The Product
999.9 hologram Gold Bullion
KB Vision's 999.9 gold bullion contains a hologram certifying purity, weight and authenticity.
KB uses the hologram for security purposes.
Each bullion is embedded into a product card as shown above.
Each KB product card has a serial number and hologram which certifies authenticity for purity and weight.
The certification films are heat sealed and cut into each product card in one step.
The globally recognized certificate guarantees that the contents are genuine.

KB Vision Gold




KB is a financially secure, debt free and fully self funded privately held institution
with over 17 years of successful operations.

They conduct operations from 2 Corporate offices - 1 in in Munich, Germany.  
The other in Stuttgart, Germany. 
In the last few years, KB acquired some very timely and impressive assets. KB acquired the mining rights for a site located in Caglayan, province of Artvin, Turkey. 

Precious metal depository is safely guarded in vaults located in St. Gotthard Massif in Switzerland
Due to the credibility and influence of the management team and their track record of success – another powerful asset became available for KB.
That being the precious metal depository in St. Gotthard Massif, Switzerland.The same vaults the Swiss Government uses to store their Gold.

999.9 Pure Gold Bullion.
KB's unique marketing strategy and niche is to produce and distribute 999.9 pure gold bullion in smaller weights. 
This creates a new and more affordable way for more people to buy, sell, own and control premium quality bullion that, until now, few could afford!
Account holders have access to the worlds best prices on 999.9 pure gold bullion
in smaller, more transaction friendly weights.
The KB Group
(KB = Kapital & Business)

History, Growth and Development
The KB Group (KB stands for Kapital & Business) is a financially secure, debt free and fully
self funded network of companies with over 17 years of successful operations.      

They conduct operations from offices in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. 
The KB Group now owns and now controls a network of 25 Companies.

  Early in 2008, KB began acquiring assets in the precious metals industry, as a strategy to hedge their portfolio.
KB first acquired the mining rights for a site located in Turkey.
A short time later KB founded their very own private gold refinery in Istanbul, Turkey.
Suddenly KB owned and controlled 2 very impressive and timely assets.

The only lacking component, at that time, was a strategy to bring the precious metals to the consumer.

KB spun off a new company, to handle the sales and marketing, called
  KB Edelmetall
(Precious Metals)
Bringing their gold and silver bullion, to the consumer,  with a simple but effective approach.
Telephones, Fax machines and snail mail, were and still are, the preferred
The Koschine family has an "old school" conservative philosophy that has served them well over the years.
KB Edelmetall, offered the world’s first and only private allocated bullion savings plans to the masses through person to person referrals.

The model was, and still is, a huge success in central Europe.
In Fact
KB and their precious metal purchase plan is actually recommended by
Bund der Sparer 
An independent German Consumer watchdog   Click Here
February of 2011
KB created and added, KB Vision to it’s portfolio of Companies.
The timing was right to deploy, utilize and leverage the speed and convenience of the internet.
KB Vision uses the internet much the same way many
Financial Institutions use the internet for online banking.

KB Vision is the 23rd of the 25 Companies that the KB Group owns and controls.
KB Vision is to KB Edelmetall what online Banking is to a Financial Institution.
A new, fast, convenient and easy way to deposit paper money and exchange it for gold money.
A new and improved version of the Business model leveraging the speed and convenience of the internet.

KB Vision is literally, a PRIVATE SAVINGS CLUB (by invitation only)
KB Vision pays its Affiliates to help people set up an account and 
exchange paper money for gold.
The plan is  - to show people - how to use KB’s system to turn paper money into gold.

Once an account is established clients take a dollar cost average approach
and make regular monthly deposits and bullion purchases.
Account holders can also make one time, or, periodic cash deposits and bullion purchases.
You can literally customize a plan that best suits you.

KB account holders - do NOT spend money - We exchange, 
trade or swap paper fiat paper currency for
bullion that is another form of currency. Gold is a reliable, historic store of value.
When we refer others that do this – that is commissionable activity for KB Affiliates.

When an account holder deposits cash - it can be exchanged for bullion in the exchange rate for that day.
No need to be concerned about liquidity.
Your bullion can be exchanged back to cash, in any currency, at any time.

The Business model was and still is very impressive and timely, empowering business and financially
intelligent individuals to buy, sell, own and control gold  bullion! 
KB has a very unique tactical advantage in the marketplace.
The plan was and is to this day - to bring 999.9 gold bullion products  to the consumer
in smaller, more affordable weights through word of mouth referral marketing. 
People sharing with people a new and easy way to simply open - a FREE account
with KB and take advantage of the rising price of gold.

There are no set up or enrollment costs to open an account as, a customer, an affiliate or both.

Once your FREE account is established you can make regular monthly purchases
one time purchases  -  or - periodic purchases. 

We exchange our paper currency for 999.9 gold bullion that is another form of currency and a store of value.
When KB members deposit cash it can be exchanged for bullion in the exchange rate for that day. 
Your bullion can be exchanged back to cash, in any currency, at any time.

This model has been a huge success in central Europe.

3 basic features of the KB Vision Business plan:

Open an account, Fund Your Account, Refer others:

1. Customers and/or Affiliates must open a FREE account with KB.

2. Fiat paper currency (paper money) can be exchanged for 999.9 gold bullion (gold money).

3. Affiliates can earn substantial - Referral Rewards


Preferred Account Program
Via deposits or commissions

When you have completed the purchase 100 grams of KB bullion:

You become a "Preferred Account Holder".
Your benefits:

Always receive preferred customer prices

(3% better price when you buy / Receive a best price guarantee if 
/ when you sell back to KB)

Fiat paper currency is losing purchasing power.

Reasons People Need and Account with KB Vision

Our Product - Gold Money
Exchange paper money for gold money (999.9 hologram gold bullion).
1. The rarest, purest, highest grade, counterfeit proof store of value in the world.
2. KB is a category creator - private global currency (GOLD MONEY) - 
small more transaction friendly weights.
3. Each 1 gram gold bullion embedded product card - is the equivalent of approx.
$70 USD in purchasing power.
4. KB account holders have a GOLD Account in our KB Vision back office.
5. Exchange gold (from your GOLD Account) for products and services - 
worldwide Merchant Program coming soon.

Gold has outperformed every asset class since 1969
1. Gold's average annual return = 11% (What interest rate is your bank paying you on that CD?)
2. YTD return = 17%     24 month return =29%    5 year return = 250%    10 year return = 700%
3. Historically - gold is a great asset to own and a reliable store of value.
Gold is a great way to create insurance or a hedge against inflation.
Experts are advising their clients to have at least 5% - 40% 
of their assets in precious metals as a hedge against inflation.

The last 24 months - The US Dollar - lost over 40% of its purchasing power.
It takes more paper money to purchase the things we need.

Effects of Inflation on raw materials:
Wheat  prices up 52%, cotton gaining 177%, corn gaining 72%, soybeans gaining 49%, coffee gaining 86%,
orange juice gaining 37%, and sugar gaining 86%. Resulting in higher grocery and clothing prices

2011 YTD (Year to Date) Gold is up in price +17%
If you could exchange your paper money that is losing purchasing power for gold money that is increasing – dramatically - in purchasing power. 
Do you think that is wise thing to do based on this evidence? KB account holders are leveraged to gold.
If inflation goes up - so does your account value.

KB Vision is literally, a PRIVATE SAVINGS CLUB
(by invitation only)

The world's first private Global Currency Exchange System.

Simply open a "private" savings plan with KB Vision.
Your allocated gold savings account is self directed. You own, manage and control your account online.
Deposits are optional (just like where you bank now) and you have complete control.

Start a private KB Savings Plan today!

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Adchiever Mailing Credits

Adchiever is an effective credit-based and loyalty driven viral list builder. A viral list builder is a site that allows you to send e-mail advertisements through the system in exchange for receiving some e-mail ads from other members as well.
Everyone who joins adchiever is agreeing to receive regular mail from adchiever and our members. Nobody actually has access to your e-mail address and you won't know anyone's e-mail address either, when a user sends a message they simply fill out a form in the members area and the system handles the rest. This way you are only receiving mail from other users who have earned it.

Does it work?

Yes! Many online marketers exclusively use viral list builders to grow their businesses online, so advertising in viral list builders is a must if you want to generate dozens or hundreds of leads and sales on an ongoing basis.
Adchiever is designed to work even better than your average viral list builder. Not only is adchiever credit based but we also have an extremely generous loyalty rewards program that will give you greater and greater rewards just for being an active user. The more you use adchiever, the more free advertising you get. This means our members are excited and ready to open your e-mail!


The loyalty rewards come from what we call Achievements. There are dozens of achievement levels and more and more are constantly added to give you greater and greater rewards. You can reach achievement levels by reaching milestones of either achievement points or referrals. You will earn one achievement point for each e-mail you open, over time you will begin to accumulate many achievement points very easily!
From reaching these milestones you can win a variety of rewards including upgraded memberships, extending your upgraded membership (for free, of course), login ad credits, banner ad credits, and mailing credits. If you are already upgraded when reaching these milestones your rewards will be even greater!
Achievements ensure that your time spent at adchiever is hugely rewarded compared to other viral list builders that only reward you an ongoing static amount of credits in exchange for your e-mails read. Enjoy the adchiever difference!

Multi-Downline Builder

Make even more money and get referrals in other top advertising sites on auto-pilot because with the built-in downline builder your adchiever referrals will be joining your downlines in all of the supported programs!

Results Driven

We know that ultimately the success of adchiever is dependent on your success. Adchiever has all of the elements in place to make this a reality.
Adchiever has click-through tracking for all of your ads, so you will know exactly how much attention your ads are getting. We also have sophisticated anti-cheat technology to make sure that your ads are only being seen by REAL people. Unfortunately many other viral list builders are easily exploited this way. With adchiever you can have confidence in knowing you are always receiving the highest quality advertising from a viral list builder you could expect.

300 Mailing Credits For Joining adchiever Now!

If you join adchiever right now we will start your account off with 300 mailing credits, which means you will be able to mail 300 users immediately after joining. Take advantage of this offer now!

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Der Ami Code

What is AMI Code? What is it about?

This remains a secret until the opening! No doubt we have made every effort to keep this secret and we will do our best to ensure that the release of this mystery will be a real firework!

We have hired outside companies with marketing, which themselves know only what you publish. We restricted the group of initiates to a circle of only 3 people and not even media have no chance to approach us.

We can only say : the AMI Code works so well , that we will pay you out in advance 429.000,- Euro, without anyone buys a product. Beside of the 10 Cent for each new partner in your 5x7 Matrix we pay you out further incentives and promotions, so that the the amount easily will be double!

The secret will be revealed at 4 events, all of which are held on the same day in Moskow, Berlin, Madrid and New York. At each event exclusively 2,500 guests each will be invited. These VIP guests can enjoy the firework live! You too can be part of it. With only 25 personal recommendations you receive your VIP Card for free from us! This offer applies only to the first 2,500 VIP guests. So grab this chance at best today!

We would also like to take away your fear about the AMI Code!

Will we take away your downline? No - the AMI Code is perfect to run as a separate business but still more perfect to integrate into an existing and functioning business.

The AMI Codewill change the industry like Skype did with Internet telephony or the EBay with auction trade. We will not be the only ones for a long time after the start but we are the best because we have the advantage and the others and can only copy - and what's even better than the original?

Now you can quite easily earn € 9765.50 by recommending us.. Everything is free and there is no risk. When we publish everything, you can still say "no".

What you do not want is to see at launch is, that all your friends are classified and you have to line in below them!!

There is nothing to lose - but GUARANTEED to earn € 9765.50 and at the start you'll be glad you that you join now and have already started spreading the world!

What would you do with € 9765.50?

It is not enough for a Porsche but a small spa weekend or a short trip would already be there. Whatever you want to do with it - we have already deposited the money for you! With our incentive bonus this amount can turn out twice as fast!

Recommend us 5 times and continue to fill the matrix - so it's yours already!

Don’t waste your time!

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Popular 2011 SEO Tools

There are a number of popular SEO tools available online that will make your work much easier. The SEO experts will advise you about these effective tools that will solve your problem areas. The first and most important tool is Google Analytics.

This is a free tool that gives you an easy solution to analyze the traffic of your website. You can track your site and find out the number of page views you have received in a particular time frame. You can also find out the length and depth of visit and the geographical location of your visit. The three SEO elements covered by Google Analytics are search traffic, search keywords and content performance.

Alexa toolbar is very useful for internet users. This is widely used by many webmasters for many years due to its ability to measure the performance and popularity of a website. Alexa is able to give you accurate results up to the top 100,000 sites existing online.

Another great tool that helps you to find out the right keywords for your site is KeyCompete. You can determine the keywords of your competitors easily. This could be obtained through their PPC programs. This is an online tool with lots of useful features. No one can overlook the usage of this tool to find out the appropriate keywords for their sites.

 You can get information about your competitors and receive reports about their performance in major search engines like Google and Yahoo through the SEO tool SEOmoz. This helps you to find out what your competitors are doing and help you to keep track of their progress. Knowing these things will help you plan your future moves accordingly.

This also helps you in site error detection, traffic tracking and keyword research. IWEBTOOL has many tools in one that covers most areas of SEO. The great feature of this is the Google PageRank Prediction. This predicts the ranking in Google. This gives account of the links a domain has and measures the speed of the website. With Website Speed Test you can find out the time taken for site loading.

Widexl helps you to locate pages that are linked to your site. This feature has a meta tag analyzer that helps you to analyze the meta tags, page loading time and keyword density. You can check the links of your site on six search engines and make comparisons among competitors with another great tool of Widexl, Search Engine Saturation.

The SEO tool, Link Diagnosis helps the website owners to examine the link competition. This provides main details about eh links of the competitors. You can get details about anchor text, page ranks, etc. The Link Diagnosis runs only in Firefox browser.

SEO Logs is a combination of many free tools for SEO like Web Page SEO Optimizer, Keyword Difficulty Check, Backlinks Analyzer Tool, HTTP Headers, Domain Age Check, Alexa Rank Comparison, Adsense Profit Calculator, etc.

This helps you to measure the difficulty of keywords to get ranked in search engines. It also can detect the faked Pagerank and give PR value results. With these popular SEO tools you can optimize your site easily.
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Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization and How to Avoid Them

If you want to achieve a strong online presence, you need to optimize your website for search engines for a higher exposure rate. And on that count search engine optimization or SEO is the best option if you want an easy way to obtain huge traffic on your website. However, some beginners do commit some mistakes on SEO practices. So aside from helping their website achieve huge number of visitors, those mistakes only do harm to the website. It is therefore crucial that you know the common mistakes that you should avoid.

The use of too much flash and scripts on the website

One popular mistake in SEO is the use of too many flash and other scripts in the website. Of course, it is a plus point if your website is appealing to the eye thus many website owners try to incorporate flash pages, which are not optimized for search engine to crawl. Since there is not enough content for search engine to index your first loading page, the spider will not be interested in your website. This will result to a very low page rank. If you really want to use flash in your website, it is recommended that you make up your flash page with some text and graphics that optimized correctly for the search engine.

Not maximizing what ALT tags can do for the content and the images

This is one recommendation that should not be forgotten- the need to use the ALT tags. These tags are used to describe the images that are used in the pages. Try to incorporate these tags every time images are used in the website. And when writing these ALT tags for the images, the best SEO efforts means including some of the keywords in these tags.

Keywords are considered as the foundation of search engine optimization. However, there are some who stuff their content with too many keywords. Overstuffing and using too much keyword in the resource will not help your cause. And when the spiders find out what you have been doing, then you are only courting disaster since the page ranking may be affected. Instead of keyword stuffing, a good strategy is writing good and informative resources that readers and internet users can really appreciate. At least by doing that, your site can get a return visit from the readers.

Content duplication

It is also a mistake to steal content from other websites. Take note that robots can distinguish an original content from a plagiarized one. You need to come up with good yet informative content to entice your readers to come back. Therefore, plagiarizing content is not conducive to your page ranking.

And lastly, most of the newbie SEO practitioners overlook the search engine guidelines. It is important to read and be familiar with these guidelines so as to avoid using the SEO techniques and practices that are prohibited. One of the bad or fraudulent techniques in SEO is the black hat. Consider these actions as unethical actions at least in the realm of internet and SEO. Once this is used, you may be at the risk of getting your website banned in the search engines. To put your online marketing on the right note means steering away from these common search engine optimization mistakes and traps.

About the Author: Seomul Evans is a SEO services consultant for Dallas based Search Engine Optimization Company specializing in white hat SEO. 
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